Hidden Turn - The Ride (31 Recordings)

Who is the artist behind Hidden Turn? Their back story is an intriguing one that begs the question. Apparently from Manchester but now living in Brazil, this reclusive artist has proved tricky to pin down on identity. There's some interesting insight via this interview on UKF where he claims to be an 'average guy' who just happens to be an extremely prolific, and really rather decent, d&b producer. A few theories abound that this is perhaps a Doc Scott pseudonym - he does, after all, own 31 Recordings. Either way this guy likes nature, trees and has produced plenty of cracking melodic D&B so we must doff our hats to whoever it may be.

To anyone with a passing interest in the drum and bass genre, The Ride is a must listen. Inhabiting a twilight world of half speed rhythms, wonky but catchy hooks and sweet bass, this is a surprising and engaging album. 

Bursts of percussion rattle and punctuate dark atmospheres and there's plenty of cleverly deployed samples, with hints of roots reggae and world music instrumentals used to glue things together. Overall a really interesting take on the genre and if you are still hankering for more, the artist has also just released a mix of new and unreleased music.

The Ride is available now - visit 31 Recordings for a vinyl copy.